Vision & Mision


Becoming a Superior Agricultural Development Polytechnic in Preparing Professional, Independent, Competitive Agricultural Human Resources to Realize Food Sovereignty and Farmer Welfare.


  1. Carry out the Tridharma of Higher Education.
  2. Developing Institutions and Study Programs in Agriculture in accordance with the needs of the agricultural sector.
  3. Carrying out the value of struggle so that it forms a habitual attitude to worship, noble character, study continuously, work, be useful and unpretentious.
  4. Improving the quality of educational resources according to the development of applied agricultural science and technology.
  5. Establish partnerships and educational collaboration networks.
  6. Optimizing the education administration management system.


Produce graduates who are competent, professional, independent, and competitive in the fields of agriculture, plantation, and livestock, and have the spirit of dedication to the nation and country.